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What is MyClimb?

MyClimb was initiated in January, 2010 and published in June, 2011.
Its main objective is to identify all locations (and associated routes) where you can practice climbing (cliffs, artificial walls, etc.) in the world

It's based on a collaborative participation: Any climber can contribute to this project and thus help all climbers in the world.


How can I use it?

You can found MyClimb on several platforms:
On these platforms, some functionnalities are available:

How can I follow this project?

You can follow it on Twitter and Facebook.

How can I help this project?

You can participate to MyClimb by filling the database with the information you have. Currently, you can do it on the Facebook application only but, in the future, you will do it on all platforms.

You can also translate MyClimb in another languages. See this page for more details.

Finally, if you want to help this project financially, you can make a donation with Paypal.
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